Private with Email Sign in

Is there a video or example of a private with email sign in?

I currently have my app set as public (user profiles off) and was going to implement a sign-in and password setup which I’m hearing is not the way to go. I have a whole back end set up, where when the user enters the correct email and password combo, they are taken to a ‘hub’ page with lists information tied to their email or row. This can only be seen for users who enter the correct sign in combination.

I would like to do the same for the private sign-in function, but would need to know what it looks, soI can have an idea of what I need to do. I don’t want to play around with this while the app is being used by others.

Another question, if I make changes under the private sign in, then go back to public, then back to private, would those changes be saved? I may have to do this in parts.


OK what might be an easier question…is there an example of a private sign in via email? I didn’t see any in Glide’s videos.

@Jen_NYCP does this help?

It doesnt show the new sign-in options.

Here’s an app with private with email sign in enabled:

Thanks! Can this sign-in be applied to a specific button? I have a button that is only visible to businesses when they sign in, but I would like to rest of the app to be public.

No, the whole point of private apps is to restrict access to the entire app. In the case of Private with Email, it restricts the app to a whitelisted list of user, unlike a public with email app, which allows anybody to sign in.

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Yes, this is where I get stuck. I would like a public app, but if I set it to public with email, I would have people who are not businesses trying to sign in, I do not want their emails to populate in my sheet when they attempt this.

So with some help I created a password+ email protected button, but since it’s not good to store passwords on the spreadsheet I’m looking for an alternative.

It would be nice if this sign in feature could be applied to a certain button or tab.

Are these erroneous entries in your user profiles sheet the main issue, and can they be easily flagged or identified?

If yes, and you’re not opposed to a bit of AppsScript, then it wouldn’t be too difficult to setup a time-based trigger that would periodically clean them out (ie. remove the offending rows)

I don’t even want them to be able to sign-in. There is nothing to be done if they do so. It will give this false idea something will happen or change once they sign-in.

I think overall you’re kind of restricted a far as what you want to achieve. I can’t think of an ideal way to have a public app with no sign that would also have a separate and secure section for only businesses to sign in. The only option I can think of is to have two apps. One that’s public for the users and another that is public with email or private that you would share with the businesses. You could provide the link to the second admin app inside of your public app.


Yes, I thought of that, don’t think I can do 2 Pro Apps. :relieved:

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