Sign up, pin requests

So, someone ‘stumbles’ upon my app, or an existing user has sent a friend a link to my app. My app is locked to email.

How does that new visitor get or request access to the app?

They request a pin via email, they get a message saying “pin sent” (which is wrong - should “say you are not registered”) as the email is not sent as their email is not registered in the app - tried this a couple of times with different email addresses.

Hmm, am I missing something?

We can’t customise the front screen?

How do they request access? As no way they can sign up or get in contact with me the app owner.


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If you are restricting using whitelist, you should be seeing this:


If you want to add somebody to a whitelist of emails, then they would either have to contact you and you add it to the sheet, or you add a form button to the app so existing users can add emails to the whitelist (like a referral), or you create a google form that can be accessed from a website and allow the new user to submit a form that adds their email to your whitelist sheet.

If you are using Public with Email, then there are no restrictions and anybody that finds your app URL can sign into the app.

No, there is currently no way to customize the login screen at this time.

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Thanks Jeff, I can’t test the white label function without paying which I can’t do yet till I have a proof of concept to understand that this will work for my business so thanks for showing me how it works.

Now the issue I have with the image below is that the users can’t enter another email as they don’t have access.

What needs to happen from a use case point of view is that the message needs to help them understand and take action to get access. This does not tell them how to go about it.

Surely it should say something like “the email you entered is not registered, to get access please do xxxx or contact xxxx or visits xxxx to get on board”

Do you see my point?

This should also happen if it is not white labelled.

Could you not just show the app owners email address - you have this on file.



I see what you are saying. I know others have asked for customization so they can add verbiage and a checkbox to comply with GDPR rules in Europe, so hopefully customization of the login screen will be available in the future. Like I said, any email can be used if you are not using white label (whitelist), but some sort of customization of the screen would still be nice.

I suppose you could put your email address in the app title, or put it in the app description. The title option is probably not ideal and the description option only shows when viewing the app on a browser, so not exactly ideal either.

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But not using white list just email the message is wrong. it says we sent you a pin, no pin is sent.

This must be addressed.

What is the criteria that you would use to put people on, or not put them on, the email whitelist of your app? Would they have to pay you for it?

Sorry, I’m not following your last point:

it says we sent you a pin, no pin is sent.

Are you saying Glide sometimes fails to deliver a pin?

Yes mark

Maybe pay for it…may have a free or premium offering

That’s what I figured. So you create the free one, either as public or public with email. Then you promote that one. On the home page of that free app you promote the extra features of the paid one along with a Form Button or even a Buy Button to pay for or request the paid version of your app. The paid version is your whitelisted one.

This doesn’t solve the whitelist issue. If someone just wants to have a paid one, then this doesn’t cover this message below Capture

I understand but I’m just suggesting that they wouldn’t have the link to that paid app unless they somehow have already contacted you via some other request or mechanism for it. Yes it doesn’t solve your “friend giving them the link issue”. But then again if the friend1 is a real good friend of friend2, friend1 could give friend2 the link and then wait on the phone for friend2 to run the app, put in friend1’s email, and then friend1 would check his email and give friend2 the code. Then friend2 would have access to the app without paying you anything. Just saying…

Did you check your spam/junk folder in your email program?


Have you tried a different email address or had somebody else try it? It should be sending a pin, which has been working for me this morning.

I did try 2 different email addresses. I will give it another go.

George seems rather complicated for such a simple issue.

All it need is a default button, ‘request access’

And what action would be taken when the user presses the button?

Very good question, I will turn it around :slight_smile: what would you want as a person requesting access and what would be helpful to the app owner.

Need to make it as simple as possible, quick and effective. If the new person has a bad or poor experience then they won’t be back. I promise

I’m not trying to labour the point but a fundamental use case is someone wants access to something so help them do it

My point is that depending on what the owner of the app wants from the user would dictate the next steps in what would need to happen once the user requests access. If as you stated that they need to pay you something then in your case you would want to direct them to some place where they could buy your app. From Glides point of view, I guess the simplest thing to implement would be to allow you in some settings of the app, provide a field where you could enter a URL. If they added this button you are requesting they would be routed to that URL. It would then be up to the developer to create the webpage for said URL.

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