Some more feature for have a "real" white label app

Hello, I would like to propose several ideas to be able to create apps with a real whitelabel.

  1. To be able to put your logo in the loading page (like the glide logo when you are not in whitelabel)

  2. Being able to translate and customize pin code messages to connect.
    For example: Disable/enable the open app button. (dosent work for apple, and didnt work for stores)

  3. I know that many people use glide to publish their application on the stores, it would be necessary to be able to deactivate the “add screen” option, or for example simply deactivate this option on (and i know glide do not support publish on stores, but still a lot of people doing it, maybe if glide doesn’t want to loose this people they need to adapt the strategy).

  4. On Glide Page CSS, being able to customize the login page and translate it into the right language, a personalized login page would be much more attractive and justify the price.

  5. Be able to configure your own email address for notifications, for example pin code etc. via smtp, imap etc. (on google the received pincode displays the glide logo, so is not very a whitelabel app).

Thanks a lot !

Hi Carter, thanks for the suggestions! Have you tried the pin emails recently? Just a curiosity :wink:

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Hello, yes it looking such more better, but still in english when my app is in french, and the button for connect was not a bad idea, but this not work on apple… And that’s a big deal because the button is so big and easy to use that people will just click on it, and suddenly their app will launch through Safari instead of launching the already installed app.

Ok, i see we have the option to remove the magic link ! didnt see that, it’s a new feature ? sorry. But still need translate this in french :stuck_out_tongue:

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