hi! three quick questions I need answers to before proceeding with glide!

  1. is it possible to remove glide advertisement and the “log in” option from the app?

  2. can I customise colours inside the app? on headers, background etc.

  3. can I get it to iOS- and Android-stores?

thank you!!

  1. Yes (Believe you need Pro)
  2. Yes (1 custom color or use CSS)
  3. No

Adding to what Joe said, for #2 you have one theme color for the whole app. Buttons can be furtherly colored by some “moods” options. Anything in addition needs to be coded in CSS but this is not officially supported by Glide.

Regarding getting the apps to stores, this is not supported but you can use a third party service like to do so. If there are any problems with the apps when pushed to stores Glide won’t support fixing those and that is not their scope.


appreciate both of your responses.

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