Change app color and branding directly in app?

Hi all, Im currently wondering if there was a way for a user to change the accent color, the name and the logo of the app ? I know its possible from the settings of the editor, but so its the same for every users.

My goal would be to have a different accent color, name and logo on the app depending of the connected user, like for example the user have a choice component to choose a color, this color is stored on the database on his row and so when he go on the app, the accent color take the color stored on his data.

I dont know if its possible on glide natively, or maybe with some custom code ? Thanks in advance !

Hello. It’s not possible for any of the settings of the app, be it accent color, app name or logo, to be user-specific. Not natively.

Thanks for the fast answer ! That what I thinked but I wanted to be sure, and same for code its not possible to do that with some custom code maybe ?

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Hi, here is an idea, I would upload images with different colors in different columns, than use an if then else column to show the disered image based on the user choice… Hope it’s clear, have a nice day

I understand the idea but I dont think it will work in my case, because the color I want to change is the accent color of the tab bar, this one in green :

And I see no way to hide it at first

I was thinking to set your style as light, you set the logo not to be shown, and then add your logo image at the top of every page, and it’s better to use a left menu instead of a top one…

Well sadly it will not be what I want, I would like to keep the tab bar at the top of my page and not having it white but at the color the user taked. Well i think its just not possible at the moment for Glide. Thanks for the help anyway !

I think you can do it, but you need to change all the compenent with CSS.

After that you need be sure this CSS are loaded by user row.

And u need to create a lot of column to let the user change the app color and branding. (with tempaltes, and If then etc,…)

But it’s possible, but i do not recommand because CSS is not supported in app, so it can break anytime.

Edit: I see right now it’s for page ? So CSS was supported but you gonna have a lot of things to do.

Does Pages CSS support dynamic values though? I was thinking we can only have “fixed” values.

Yeah, you right, my comment was for Glide Apps, because he talk about “app” so i think it was for glide apps… i didnt have so much xp on page with CSS at the moment.

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