Dynamically change the color theme

Hi guys. Might have been answered already but I couldn’t find it. Apologies if it’s staring me in my face!

Can we dynamically change the theme colors? I’m not looking to use CSS if possible. But if that’s the only option I can give it a go. But it’s a lot of working updating individual elements I think.

Thanks as always

only CSS…

Not exactly what you’re looking for but a well placed emoji can make your glide app stand out.

:large_blue_circle: Looks great

:white_circle: Easy to use

:red_circle: No CSS

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How “dynamic” do you want it to be? Can you share with us the use case? I don’t think CSS is easy for this, at all.

Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.

What I’m trying to achieve….users log into the app and join a team. I’d like each team to have their own color theme. Nothing super complex. The same color theme selection (background/accent color) as glide provide in the app options.

Hopefully that makes sense? I’m not trying to change individual widgets. I just want it to be (for example)……black background with white accent. Or Red background with white accent etc.

Other than dark/light mode, which can be set to match a users device settings, there is no way to dynamically change the app theme colours for individual users. Once it’s set, it’s set and all users get the same theme. The only way to do this would be to have a separate app for each team, but that would most likely be way more work than you’re interested in.

What I would suggest instead is to use a bit of CSS to customise the app per team. Perhaps have a common header or footer on each screen that’s presented in the team “colours”. Along with a team logo, or banner, or some such.

It wouldn’t be too hard to set this up so it would be very low maintenance, and even allow teams to select their own colours. All you’d really need to do is make the team colour an attribute of your teams table, and then you can reference that from anywhere in the app that it needs to be used.

Perfect. Thanks Darren. That’s what I had in my head as a workaround also but I just wanted to check and make sure there wasn’t a full theme change hiding somewhere.

Thanks everyone.

This is amazing! Very nicely done

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You can either use Cloudinary or dynamic HTML + CSS to achieve what Darren said. It’s a good approach.

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