Change theme color

Hi, can we change theme color for app? only available white and black…

Hi @Roshan_Abrew welcome to the community

Here is a recent post about background colour.

Have a look, any questions just ask

Thanks, how to put CSS code to screen? do you have screen shot or video for this?

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See the post below, you need to add rich text.

Here is the glide documentation to enter rich text

A friendly caution, custom css is not really supported, so use at your own discretion

Just to be clear. Are you trying to change the background color or the theme color?

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theme color, only available black and white…!

send me CSS code sample to change theme color…

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thank u very much i found it and worked perfectly. can we change tab color also?

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Not sure on that, sorry

Check out the app I sent you

I changed the background color, it was success, but display code in back button, how to remove it? see below image

Looks like you are missing the <style> tag from your rich text component.

It should start with <pre><span><style>

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I used below code: can you correct code for me?


Move the <style> tag in front of the <div> tag, like this:

<pre><span><style><div class=....

Not working see below image and code, Pls help for this

Sorry, I don’t know enough about CSS to be able to help you debug this further. The structure looks okay, other than that I’m not sure.

@ThinhDinh might be able to help.

What exact end result are you looking for here?

I want to change background color, I put code to rich text component, it was success, however rich text component text was appeared into BACK button on app, see below image, how to remove these text? Pls help on this ?,

I used below code to change background color,