MagicPattern CSS Backgrounds!

Hey guys!
I recently discovered a tool called magicpattern. I love their css background builder. It’s free, and there’s NO SIGNUP REQUIRED!!

I really like their amazing - but simple and minimalistic - backgrounds, and I look forward to incorporating this into my Glide app!

Thank you for sharing!


Thank you man!!!

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Nice :+1: Maybe add to this thread? 🧰 Resources for building Glide apps

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That’s cool! So I copy my favorite CSS background and paste it to a Rich Text Component right?


TopShow, obrigado! E tem como incorporar uma imagem que preencha a tela toda?

I’ve seen people do it full screen with the rich text component. I’m not sure how though…


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no, is not working… why?

What isn’t working???

i’m new to CSS, i copy it and put in rich text, and it not work… i’m missing part of code

background-color: #E5E5F7;
opacity: 0.4;
background-image: radial-gradient(circle at center center, #444CF7, #E5E5F7), repeating-radial-gradient(circle at center center, #444CF7, #444CF7, 20px, transparent 40px, transparent 20px);
background-blend-mode: multiply;

Pasting CSS into your app doesn’t make an image. Let me investigate! (this was 3 months ago, so i kinda forgot)

i went tho that website posted in the top, copy link and paste

i’m creating a code book for guys like me who dont have experience with css, so we can easily test it and copy

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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Why are you separating html from css? If I’m correct, you can’t display css properties without html…

like i said, im new to css… i have no idea what im doing :wink:
i just click copy code on that website

You cannot display CSS without HTML. Pasting a bunch of css properties into a rich text component does absolutely nothing.

I’m not really sure if the <img> or div tags will work in this situation… @Lucas_Pires Help? :grimacing:


i have a general idea, but i cant make it work lol

What is it? :nerd_face: