Background color change

I wanted to know that is there any way in which we can set bg color which isn’t themed

How do you want the background to be set?
Uploaded photo?
Solid Color?
Do you want to set the background or your users?
Are you looking to change the full screen or just a component?

Check out this great app, under css tab credit to @Uzo :+1:

The original discussion is here


solid color which is not white or black

@Rahil_Salecha It’s on my post above.

Link to specific details of how others have found a way to change background colour :arrow_down:

Note: Injecting custom CSS/HTML is not officially supported by glide, so use at your own discretion.

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I am not able to understand this

Ohh :open_mouth: what don’t you understand?

You can’t change the background colour just by clicking something in glide. You have to do it with code.

The link I sent you shows you an example of what others have done to change the background colour using ‘code’.

Is it that you don’t know how to add the code?

Please explain and we will try and help you.


Can we change bg color in glide using code?

Yes…… and to tell you how, you have to look in the Code Book. Unless you expect a magic wand :wink: :sparkles:


how to use it

To put CSS into a glide screen you need to add a Rich Text component to the screen or tab.
In that component, you paste in the CSS code.

For instance, if I put this into a Rich Text component, the CSS will remove the top bar and the tabs at the bottom of the screen:

display: none;
[data-test="glide-app-bar"] :nth-child(1) {
    display: none;

#app-root div[opacity='1'] {
  color: transparent; 

thanks a lot

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here you can see in action how to play with CSS:

test CSS


this is amazing! Are we able to copy your code? I see it is a business and would consider donating if so. I’d really like to place a picture in the background of my app. Do you have code for that? thanks!

yes, all codes have a button to copy code, or you can get the tab “TEST CSS” and play with it and see changes in real life… then just right-click copy and paste to your App…
donations are voluntary :wink:

Not working for me am I supposed to paste it in rich text component