Ideas for more customization of mobile menus and colors

Do you know if options like those mentioned in the title will be released soon?

We would like to develop several applications with Glide but the resemblance of the applications is quite constraining, for example we cannot even modify the color of the gray of the icons of the main menu.

Also I think it would be good to be able to edit the top right of the application, for example to add icons.

Also if we can edit the left menu it’s gona bee good too (add logo, full with, colors, submenu)

Last feature that would be really good, would be to be able to create blocks in the application with complete customization, in particular to put content, outlines, background etc.

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Something about customization:

And there’re some custom components and link to my library😉

Thanks a lot ! Change a lot for me now, a new world it’s opening… lol i gonna check this :grinning:

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Also check this useful app

Just a little question, how can i add this CSS tricks into the glide app ?

You add it in a rich text component, in details view.

But beware of using it too much, you should understand it well to debug when needed. It’s not officially supported so it can break any time.