New improvements for Glide Pages to come

Hi everyone !

I wanted to know if the following features were planned for Glide Pages :

  • Possibility to add javascript snippets in the header
  • Custom fonts
  • Custom colors of the fonts
  • Custom colors for components background
  • Ability to create borders on most of the components (with 3 or 4 type of border sizes)
  • Buy button WITH ability to set subscription and not only one-time payments
  • Comments component (as in glide apps)
  • Like component (as in glide apps)
  • Progress bar component (as in glide apps)
  • Charts component (as in glide apps)
  • Calendar view of inline list (as in glide apps)
  • Checklist view of inline list (as in glide apps)
  • Rating component (as in glide apps)

As i know that the product management of Glide is all about releasing neat and perfect features, I would understand that you wouldn’t give release date. And I understand it.

I just want to know if it’s planned.

Thank you !



To the best of my knowledge:


Thanks for your answer !

By the way, always a pleasure to watch your youtube videos, a must to learn Glide deeply ! Specifically Gamify videos. Love it !

Still trying to master trebuchet method … But one day maybe :sweat_smile:.

Have a great day

Ya I need to make a new video on trebuchet…it’s gotten easier with array columns.

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Looking at your comment and many other “design” requests in the forum, I think about how much I appreciate this platform and its decision to give you some headstart on design, compared to something like Bubble.

For me, having pre-designed components, and great ones as well is a great gift. That, alongside the ability to change things at will using CSS in Apps, is the perfect package for me.

With Bubble, I have heard a lot of cases where you must have a backend developer and a frontend developer working on the same app. It can scale better, but too much freedom over design means you have to start from scratch on a lot of things, including responsiveness, and that takes a lot of time.


Completely agree.

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Bubble is a great tool for designers with coding understanding.
But not for me :wink:


I agree, that’s why i’m asking for new components (for Glide Pages), as we depend on it, unlike Bubble where you can do everything by yourself … Which means, yes, that it takes a lot of time.

But I really like (love ? :thinking:) Glide as i don’t have to pull my hair concerning design.

I can say for sure it’s impossible to create an ugly app with Glide :man_shrugging:


I’m working with a client on the development of MVPs using Pages. Two MVPs are being developed, one on Glide, the other on Bubble. There is a UI/UX designer involved providing mockups on Figma.

So far:

  • Features are developed on Bubble that cannot be developed (within my abilities and resources) on Glide. These features are nice to have, very far from blockers or deal breakers.
  • At first the designer complained a little about the limited design options on Glide. Now she really likes them.
  • The user experience on Bubble feels a little sloppy, maybe in part due to the too many design possibilities.
  • The client has voiced that they prefer the ease of use of Glide. I was able to onboard members of the team to contribute. Simplicity is a wonderful feature.

So sure, we are facing challenges on both platforms and both have their pros and cons, but Glide is awesome and I’m happy to be the one developing on Glide and not on Bubble :heart_eyes:


That’s a nice line.


Fully agree.

Yes, I do get behind this.