When will the new designs be rolled out?

I’m loving the new design tweaks, components and settings for Glide pages.
Just wondering when the sliders and headers will be launched.

For the sliders/tiles - portrait sizes, full height pictures with inset text (like with glide apps), ability for tiles to bleed off the page, and ability to make small round tiles stacked closely together on one row and bleeding off the page.

Another really nice feature would be ability to stack tiles tightly together to cover the entire screen (or a collection panel)

The floating tab bar (in the picture below) at the bottom looks super hot as well as the header variations. (screenshot is from December’s “Gliding into the new year” video)

I’m definitely seeing the benefits of pages as the way forward, and having converted over to pages, i’m excited to know when some of the other Glide App components, designs, styles and layouts will be launched.

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The feeling that I get is that the primary focus right now is getting Pages into parity with Apps in terms of feature set. ie. all those missing features that have been popping up on a regular basis recently: Signature, Progress Bars, Checkboxes, etc.

My guess is that once that’s done we might start seeing some of these new designs landing.

Disclaimer: I don’t know any of the above for a fact, I’m just making a semi-educated guess :wink:


Yeah, let’s hope. I won’t deny i’m being fairly greedy considering they just added 10 million rows and all that for us. And there are many small tweaks and features all over the place, so i totally get it, i’m being a spoilt brat, but i thought i’d still brave the question anyways😇

@david please tell us time when will be pages looks like that?

Everyone is waiting.:yawning_face::face_with_monocle:

Oh hell, i didn’t mean for this to be a negative post, we need to temper this conversation with a bit more patience and gratitude, they’ve made massive strides in just two months since the video announcing these “potential” design enhancements.
The ten million rows and a many number of component additions and design upgrades are massive milestones that glide has already achieved in about six work weeks since the year started.
So as i said above, i was being a bit cheeky in asking with eager anticipation. It’s the kind of question that chatbot can’t sufficiently answer so i thought i’d ask here in the community.


Indeed, the team is working super hard. As Darren said, you would see missing features first, then integrations, and I guess after that comes the design.