Looks glide is boring nowadays

No new components and it’s not able to on par with glideapps previous version.

I don’t like to even login for a month or two.why?

There were many major releases in March.

  • New integrations/actions: Push Notifications, Open AI, device info, Pexels, Azure, Discord, Google Cloud, Google Maps, Radar, Yelp, Asana, DocsAutomator, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tag Manager, Slack, Clearbit, Docusign, HubSpot, Intercom, Microsoft Outlook & Teams, Mixpanel, Short dot io, Stripe, Twilio, ZenDesk. And I skipped a few.

  • New components: horizontal card/grid collections, checklist collection, location, link, action row, contact, signature, checkbox, rating, progress bar, audio.

And in the past 2 weeks: Query computed column

More is surely on the way. It’s always fun to have these shiny new features to play with. I must say that a lot was released in the past 8 weeks and I’m personally just trying to keep up.


Ofcourse these are ok but I’m not dependent on these.but there is nothing on the design side.A look n feel thing is missing.

I’m convinced myself to wait for upto June to tune something on the design side,that will make people to have fun on the design side too.

But thanks bro I didn’t know glide posted these many features other that some 3rd party integration things.

Thanks for updating…

On the design side?! Don’t hold your breath.


I’m not asking for more than this.just a basic design look n feel.

This is posted someway back,I’m expecting these changes enough to see glide in a better design feel.

But they are already in production?

Horizontal collections, new style titles, and slide-in screens (on mobile)?


Personally I think the design is 10x better these days - mainly due to containers and image handling.

My client was super impressed with their recent Sports App refresh, which I delivered free of charge.


This looks amazing Simon!

How did you add the background to the buttons (the ones that say Stats Export Tables)

Image container


Only missing card overlays :wink:

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Great to know that it’s coming.

Why there isn’t any tab to tell glide users to know upcoming things…?

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Glide’s current design options are ugly and limiting. Classic’s design options were tolerable.

There is one.


There is no bad design but only bad designer. It’s all about skill, choices, and the artistic vision that shapes the outcome.
I enjoy working with constraints which allows me to work my creativity.
Here’s some design made possible with Glide!

“Out of the depths of boredom, creativity emerges as a captivating companion, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, and breathing life into the canvas of our imagination.”

If you every need help my inbox are open.


Haha. No, thanks.

What design options are you missing from Classic?

I didn’t arrive using the old glide, but I found out about the customization of the login screen. sendk possible to put background image. this would be something that should already be difficult to apply to the new Glide.

Haha…you can’t be serious

I am having a hard time keeping up with the amount of features being released these days…
I have not even gotten to play around with the query column yet but I will definitely make some time for that…

Great job to the hard working team at Glide…


I don’t know if what I am suggesting is “design options missing from classic”, or my own stupidity (probably), or UI improvements or…

Here is what I noticed / would like to know HOW / suggesting:

  1. Before, when you uploaded an image and selected CIRCLE, it cropped, or created a vignette, for any image shape uploaded; even rectangles. Now, it just rounds the corners. Just my opinion, I don’t think this was a tweak in the right direction.

Am I required to upload a perfect square if I want Glide to crop it to a circle?

  1. Components take up screen real estate. Greater control over spacing… especially less spacing between components and leading between lines of copy.

  2. How do I turn off the stroke for an image using the profile component?
    Maybe you can… I’m just not finding it. Should be easy to find.
    Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 11.37.39 AM

  3. Why can I only choose 1 color, a “brand” color? I have TWO brand colors. I can only choose one BECAUSE classic gave me warning that my app would not be visible (dark purple). If I choose dark purple, the app / Glide SHOULD allow me to inverse colors of other elements to make it possible to use purple. Instead though, I think …

It would be nice if I could just enter HEX values for every element and stroke, fill, element, buttons (all styles), profile backgrounds. etc … Not just choose brand color or have to upload a Raster file. This means, I’m not forced to just choose from the options of “highlight”, “dark”, etc… Those options are nice to have, but having the option to pick the color would be awesome.

  1. It might be nice to be able to place and size images in different components… putting an image in a check list, is just ONE example. (without CSS, HTML, etc) It would be nice to have a larger image size option for the list component.

  2. While on the layout screen, the switch component does not show. And sometimes images don’t show… Only shows when viewing the app. Not a deal-breaker but, I wish the editor was WYSIWYG for all components.

  3. I am just playing around with the new Glide to transfer / update my Classic app. I upload images from my computer & link url’s - and they disappear from the Glide sheet and do not display, randomly. Sometimes every 10 minutes, sometimes every day. Re-uploading images is a pain. My classic app is working perfectly. The new Glide is dropping images. Why? I am on the lowest tear paid plan. I don’t think I am using too much data.


I saw you typing away on this for a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed response!