Limited design capabilities in new Glide app?

I’m finally trying to convert to the new Glide tables and I’m really struggling with the design. There is nowhere near the amount of design capabilities in the new app. One thing people always commented on my app was how aesthetically pleasing it was. Like, beautiful!!

You can’t choose a font style in the new one? You can’t favorite? No text overlay? No shadowed cards? No text size?

Please tell me that these features are coming or that I’m missing something!





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That option has indeed disappeared from Settings.

You can by creating an action. Granted, it won’t be an overlay heart like it used to be.

Currently there is no text overlay.

You can change what happens around or behind cards by placing a collection in a container and changing the style of the container, namely its background, you might like that.

The text and headline components give you 10 options to change the size, font weight and horizontal position of text.

A few other layout options could be on the roadmap, but I’m personally not aware of them. One of Glide’s promises is to be no-design, meaning the developer need not worry about design to build a decent-looking app, and that design maintenance is not needed. Currently, with sufficient yet limited design options, all apps look pretty good out of the box, and I believe this is what Glide wants.


Thumbs up to all that Nathan said.

When you’re used to one set of capabilities, you notice what’s missing. And I do think overall, it’s easier to get a good look on the new app. Text overlay for example, can often be hard to read and not look good.

Here’s an app I’m working on, with my fake barbers profile. It’s an app apparently similar to yours, for service providers / small businesses to create profiles, collect reviews, book services etc.


That looks good, man.

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We all miss something from the CLASSIC don’t we…“SWIPES” tears.

Shall we start a CLASSIC APP Support Group to help the community get through this difficult time. :cry:

On a useful note.
I am using the Card Style Component to show the “Favourited”

@nathanaelb Thanks for all this feedback. I appreciate it! While I can definitely understand simplifying things to make them user friendly, in my personal opinion, the design components and fonts were the most layperson friendly part of learning all of Glide.

I’ve been playing around a bit more and the containers are pretty cool. However I still think having the font options are critical for having any kind of brand feel. It’s not like there was free reign of fonts, there were like 4 options lol that all felt very different and was just enough!

@MatthewS That looks great! I might have to hit you up for some tips! However, I’ve been working on profiles today, and I do think that the profiles are much easier to make look nice, it’s the lists that are killing me. It’s so bulky to have everything outside of the image box, and to then have to add a favorite button on top of that? That’s like 1 list item per screen scroll if I want to add all that on!!

@ThinhDinh Agree! Also please prepare for all the posts i’m about to make lol :sweat_smile:

@Trustin Happy to start a support group for those of us needing so many work-arounds lol. I can’t believe a whole button is necessary for a favorite. Such a waste of space!

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Not completely ideal, but also consider the custom collection component for a little more flexibility. It would allow for a switch component as opposed to button for controlling favorites. You can also go nuts with html and a rich text component inside the collect to customize the look and feel, but it’s definitely not as user friendly to set up considering that you need some knowledge of html to build a template to use in a rich text component in the custom collection.

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Definitely check out the custom collection as @Jeff_Hager suggested.

You can do a lot with it, especially in cases where you’re trying to put a lot of info into a list view. This is the “My recommendations” section, where it lists companies that a user gave good reviews for, and it shows on it their review. Idea is I can share my recommendations with a new neighbor when they move in, and without clicking to each business, they can see a lot of info including my review of that business.

Try actions on title components for things like share, visit, like/save, etc.
Also play with action rows, and put a few actions on a single action row to get a bundle of buttons in a fairly compact space.

Yeah, this view is basically one list item per view as I have it showing the review too… but in some cases that’s good. Scrolling most social media is only one item per screen view after all.


We’re always ready to help, as always.

Hey, so I think I’m missing something with custom components for lists? I have my tab as a custom component so that I can make a bunch of different things on it, but when it comes to making the list of salons to scroll through, this is as fancy as it gets, there’s no custom option?

There is a specific component called ‘Custom’ which is a type of collection.


ohh got it i’ll see what i can do with that! i know nothing about html so I’m limited to out of the box options.

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Replying to email since away from computer and not sure if this works to add a comment… but… you need a custom “collection” as a component. Then you’ll see you can add things to it just like you can add things to a container component.


You don’t necessarily have to know HTML. Just work with the custom layout first to see what you can put up, and then if something doesn’t work, try HTML later.