Can I have users sign in w/ whitelisted email AND password?

Hello! Is it possible for my private app to be whitelisted by email, but instead of sending a PIN to that email, they have to enter in a password?

My use-case: we have an event app with personalized schedules, so we would like the user to be able to log-in using their email (so we can customize things based on logged-in user.) However, multiple users have experienced issues with getting the PIN (not a Glide problem usually, seems to just be user obstinance…) However, it’s still not ideal.

The best case scenario would be the ability for them to enter in their whitelisted email and a password of our choosing. This keeps their logged-in user information, but also keeps the app private. Is something like this possible?

There’s no “native” way to do that now, you can allow signing in by Google to help a bit with that, but not all people use Gmail.