Filter by signed-in user, where email is blank

Further to this thread, there is a workaround for people who still want some of the old functionality for signed-in users.

Previously, if you ticked the box “Filter by signed-in user” on a particular component, that would then show if there was either that person’s email address on that row, or if the email address row was blank. Now it doesn’t.

If you would like to keep this functionality then you just need to add a new column in the Glide data editor:

  1. Give it whatever label you want (For this purpose I call mine Email_check)
  2. The column type is If :arrow_right: Then :arrow_right: Else
  3. Under Cases, the first If will be:
    a. The first case will be: If Email is signed-in user then enter value: Yes
    b. The second case will be: If Email is empty then enter value: Yes
    c. Else No

Then in the Glide Layout editor, I can use this with the Visibility or Filter to show data based on Email_check is Yes.

I hope that helps, sing out if not and I can steer you through it!


Just want to add that this should still work on the filter under the features tab if you add an ‘or’ and set to the email column to ‘is empty’. Your idea may work better if people start needing multiple filters though.


Ahh yes, good point Jeff, I didn’t clarify that - it’s for the case when you want multiple filters as well as the old “Filter by signed-in user” where people can see data assigned to their email address or rows with blank email addresses. Thanks for clarifying.


Thanks, nice workaround