HELP! What happened to the filter by signed in user?


Did you guys combined it with the general filter??
It messed up my app and now all users see the data if the admin…

The same thing happened with my apps. When it was combined, it used the boolean option “OR”.
For some Apps this logical is not appropriate.

Isn’t that how the old email filter worked? I’m pretty sure it would show a record to everybody if the email value was empty.

Something happens… with the changes in per user data. App behavior is not correct on some cases…

Could you please me to the app where the new filter doesn’t work like the old filter anymore, and tell me exactly where to look?

It’s not that it’s not working as more the automatic change didn’t work and the change messed up everything and I needed to fix all the components and screens.

Also, combining this with the general filter created another problem as you can only choose and /or one time so whatever you choose it will apply to all the filters while in some cases you want to apply and ability for 2 filters and or for another one.
Same apply for the and / or in the visibility conditions

Apologies for those bugs.

What did the automatic change do wrong? Do you have an app where the automatic change still applies and I can see what it messed up?

No. I already fix them.
For example:
I had filter by user set to multiple users so 5 people can see the data (created by 1, created by 2etc.) and after there change I had 2 filters where one was correct and created a filter that said yhat the filter is per sign in user and was set to column created by and the 2nd which was not there before the change was stating that the data is filter where created by (general column) is empty

That is exactly how the old filter worked: it would show all rows where the column either matched the currently signed-in user, or the column was empty. That was bad in many ways, which is one of the reasons we changed it to behave more strictly now.

Is it possible that your app has been showing too much data all the time without you realizing it? Or are you sure that your app’s behavior changed when the email filter change happened? In that case something else is going on.

I’m quite sure the filter was working correctly before.
Not sure I understand the logic you just explained. If I do get this right it means that now when I want to sort data per user I need to set 2 filters? One set to the general column glide creates (i.e. crated by) and one to empty?

Is there an updated documentation for the new filter and the way to apply sign in filter with many users able to view same data (i.e. created by 1, created by 2, created by n)

App behavior definitely changed. I also agree that it became stricter in how it is working. But our sheets were structured to make the old filter work and now that doesn’t cut it anymore.

Earlier the set of general filters linked with ‘and’s’ / ‘or’s’ worked as one layer of filters and the signed-in user worked as a second layer of filter. Now that they are getting combined it needs to somehow be able to nest the filter conditions allowing ‘and’s’ and ‘ors’ for the various criteria. Hope I’m making sense.

You managed to explain my point better than I did :joy:

I think I figured out what went wrong - the conversion to the new filter incorrectly produced an OR when it should have produced an AND. Unfortunately, in some cases the AND will be incorrect, too. Concretely, if you previously had a filter “X or Y” in addition to an email filter E, the correct new condition would be “(X or Y) and E”, but this is not something the filter can currently represent. It should have just been left at what it was and let you change, or not. Instead, it produced “X or Y or E”, which is wrong.

The fix is to make an If->Then->Else column that correctly produces your combined condition. I’ll make sure that other people’s apps aren’t incorrectly converted in the future.

My apologies for this mistake.

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Is possible to set it up like X AND E OR Y AND E? I guess that’s how programming logic works when not using parenthesis. AND will group everything together and an OR will separate all AND groupings into a separate condition check.

We’ve been thinking about how to make mixing AND and OR possible, but we couldn’t come up with a satisfactory UI so far. We’ll think more.


Hey @Mark ,

Thanks for the explanations.
It would be great to be able to do AND and OR filter and visibility conditions.
If that helps in your brainstorming discussions, you can have a look at what Drupal did with its views filter by introducing a Filter Group concept and give the possibility to change the operator within and between groups
Hope that helps