Filtering by signed-in user stopped working in one app, not others (identical)

Filtering by signed-in user stopped working in one app, not others (identical)

I have three identical apps where a signed-in user filter is applied in different areas. Everything seemed fine until this morning when I realized the data pulled in was the first row of the Profiles sheet regardless of the signed-in user. I suspected it could be an issue with the Preview As functionality but it’s not.

Occurs when:

  • Applying a filter across all components on a screen
  • Applying to individual components.

I’ve combed through everything and can’t identify what is causing apps to behave differently :confused:

Are you filtering each component or the whole detail record? Are you sure your detail isn’t on the first row and your individual component filters are using values from that first row?

It’s a screen-level filter which I think is what you mean by whole detail record? In another area of the app, there’s a variation on that screen (also pulling from the Profiles sheet) with the same filter applied – same issue.

Edit: screenrecording

This was resolved. For fellow travelers who may fall into a similar trap:

In the two apps that were not filtering properly, my filter condition was set on the User’s “User_Email” column, not on the column of the row to be filtered in the Profile sheet, also labeled “User_Email.” Per Glide, best to not filter by User columns.

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