User Data Shows First user for non-signed in Public App

When I select Public App and there’s no user signed in, the app acts as though the 1st of my users (from my user profile sheet) is signed in. I’ve been trying to set tab filters such as “when email is signed in user”, but I’ve narrowed down the behavior: definitely a bug here.

For now, I entered an (almost) blank line for the first entry in my “user fields” table so that I can continue with my app.

Change your filter to “Email is not empty”

Apart from what Jeff suggested, where do you see this happen? In the Editor or the real app?

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Both. To work around this, I created a blank user as my first user, so if someone isn’t in the user profile sheet they are restricted to be a “guest”.
None of the filtering options would let it stop landing on a specific user.
It happens in both, app & editor.

So you’re showing a profile tab, filtering by email is signed-in user? Shouldn’t that tab not be visible to non signed-in users?