Newbie menu/signin hurdles

Few things I am curious about and can’t really find in the forum yet after searching keywords profusely…

  • If I have a users screen with cards for each user and under Options the Filter Data is set to “isn’t signed in user” why do I still see myself in the user list on that screen. I’m “viewing as” Sarah and see the Sarah user card. I thought that filter mean’t it will hide me from a user list so I never will see myself?

  • Also I want to sign into my own app and start testing, but when I sign in with google (or email address for that matter) even though i am admin its blocking me from seeing my own app because of the visibility settings I have for new users. How to bypass?

  • Even if we make our app public and require email sign in, how can we somehow still use the “request access” feature…meaning anyone can come and sign in to begin the onboarding forms. But once they click submit on the form we have, instead of being able to see the app…it instead notifies us as admin and we approve or reject them?

  • And last but probably silly question…I was today years old when I realized the Tabs and Menu are not same thing. Whoops! Newbie life. So for days ive been subconsciously wondering where are my tab titles in the sidebar menu to no avail. Any way to have Tab screens also be listed in the Sidebar menu?


Is the filter on the list or the screen?
Sounds like you have it on the screen.

That should be just a matter of changing the data in your user profile row so that it meets the onboarding criteria.

You could add an “Approved” boolean column to your User Profiles table, and use that in your tab visibility settings. eg. show onboarding when approved is not checked, and show all other tabs when it is checked.
For your admins, you could create a screen that only they have access to, and show a list of users filtered where “Approved” is not checked. Then add a button on the user details screen that would do a set column values, setting approved to true.
Question: what would you expect to happen if an admin “rejects” the user? My suggestion might be to use an action that deletes that users row.

In the builder, you can click and drag tabs and drop them below the word “MENU”, and this will move them to the hamburger menu (side bar).

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 7.28.28 PM


You can if you use a Details View - although that isn’t really relevant here.
Can you show me a screen shot of your User Profiles configuration so that I can confirm that you have that setup correctly? It should look something like the below:

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Hey, omg that was it the whole time causing all these issues! If you would have never shown me this screenshot oh man…so where Email should be…Name was there all along. And thats why the rows kept getting overwritten too.

Thank you so much…to both for this help today!! @Darren_Murphy @Robert_Petitto

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