Signing up information

Im signing up my users and the previous user information is coming up. I forgot how to set it to where whenever a new user sign up with information a new sheet comes up instead of a previous user. i hope this make since and I can get help asap. Thank you kindly in advance.

Have you filtered the Sign Up tab to the row of the signed-in user?

yes my welcome page shows has two buttons that prompt users to sign in and create profile. that page i filtered the email to email isnt signed in user the problem stil occur then when i out the opposite the buttons disappear

Can you send some screenshots on how you’re setting things up?

Are users required to login or not?

once users want to request a ride or join to be a rider then yes they need to sign in and fill out form

Why do you need that filter though? It would return the same row every time when they don’t sign in, because there’s no “signed-in user” to compare to.

all i know is that it works on my classic app but when i go to do it this way its a problem. im just looking for a solution.

what do i need to do?

What type of information do you display on that tab, and why does a not-signed-in user need to see it?

its my welcome page. from that page users can sign up.

If it doesn’t display any info from the row you’re filtered to, then it should be ok. Otherwise, please state what type of information you’re displaying that is filtered to that row.