Issue with SIGN UP switching from "public with email" to "public"

I decided to make my app public in order to make it easier for new people to just jump on the app and start using it.
My problem is that i still want to encourage people to create profiles once they are in the app but now my sign in form isn’t working right at all.

Picture of optional profile creation with public access

When you click on the edit button to add your info it autofills the first user row from the database

The form will only show up blank if i manually add a new row at the bottom

Hi Katelyn,

Disclaimer: I’m from LowCode Agency, the agency that recently worked on your app, so I can view the inner workings of this app.

For your Sign Up tab, at the moment it’s connected to the Users table, and there is no filter, so it will always connect to the first row.

If you want to switch to a public setup, this will have to be a bit different.

That button will have to trigger a sign in first, let’s call it “Sign In”.

Then once the user is already signed in, you can then show the “Create your profile” button to them.

Make sure you also filter the screen by “Email is signed-in user” so users will only update their own row.

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Hi Thinh! Yes thank you so much for your reply! Sorry, I have a few questions all at the same time.

First, I just want to confirm if I definitely need to make my app “public” in order to share short link profiles with other people and have them be able to see the profiles without signing in first? Because this is the whole reason I’m reconfiguring my whole sign in!

If the answer is yes, then ok i made a sign in page have “sign in” be the action, and filter is ‘email is signed in user’

  1. That brought me back to the welcome page, i signed in with my email and passcode, and got directed back into my sign in screen where i made a second button to then fill out a profile

  2. I filled out this form

  3. And then it just sent me back to the sign up page again as if nothing happened…and that’s because of this

It creates 2 separate rows because email entry doesn’t transfer over… i had this issue before and don’t know how i fixed it??

User Profiles generate a row automatically when a user signs in. You should be editing that newly added row instead of using a form, which will always add a new row.

I think i got it, i needed the edit screen which looks the same as a form screen, so i didn’t realize that it was creating different actions!

ok i thought i got it, it’s better…but now i have 2 rows of the same thing

Did you add an On Submit action to your edit form? Seems that there is still an unnecessary step to add a row somewhere.

Just this, should i make the action “none”?

That still looks like a form screen. Not an edit screen.

omg, ugh I was clicking on the old button, you’re right, as usual. The edit screen was adding a row! NOW I should have it fixed.