How can I change private sign up to public sign up in pro version?

How can I change private sign up to public sign up in pro version?

Do you mean you don’t want to ask for users’ emails any more when they first open the app and sign in is optional?

I think what we meant is, “I want to allow anyone to signup to my application”. In all tutorials, there is Public SIGN IN. In the pro version, I can’t see it… so, how do user email get inserted in the sheet in the first place?

You just change the first option to “Public” if you don’t want to force users to log in to use your app.

Then, the user’s email will be inserted only when they log in.

Edit: I saw your reply in the other thread, public is not an option in Private Pro.

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Got it.
I am waiting for Plan for Public signin, with Role Security.
I think it fits my needs

We want to offer that. Can you tell me more about how you’d use public sign-in and roles?

This would be great if you could make this happen. The biggest use case I have is for apps that are public (anyone can sign into them and create a profile), protecting profile data with row owners AND allowing Admins to view /rollup profile logs and data for dashboard/analytic purposes. Currently I can do this with row owners as is, but it limits how many Admins can view the data because it’s tied to an email address. By allowing role-based row owners in public with sign in apps, I can protect user data and allow dynamic role based row owner security to Admins.