Sign Up For public apps

Simply … a sign up choice

What do you want that’s different from the current UX?

There isn’t A signup…Only sign in by the database data

I think you need to explain what you mean.

  • A Public App allows anyone to sign in to the app
  • A Private App is restricted to only those you want to allow to sign in

What are you looking for that’s different from either of those options, and in what way would it be different?

I want an option that allows anyone to SIGN UP and send in the chat or access features that require an account…

Users sign up by signing in.

What would the sign up process do that the sign in process isn’t doing?

making a new account without needing to add in database

If your app is public, then you don’t have to create a row for the user to sign in. User Profiles in Glide will create a row for them once they sign in. If you don’t want to utilize user profiles, then you can just disable it

If you are on a Private plan, then yes, you would need to create a row before a user can sign in, but it sounds like what you want is a Public plan for anybody to sign in.

Sorry, I’m just not understanding what you are asking for. I do not understand what you mean when you compare Sign UP to Sign IN. What would you consider the difference to be? I don’t know.

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