Onboarding Bug!

Hi guys,

I had setup an onboarding process, which was working fine till today.

Today when I tried logging on as a new users, in my text input fields i see pre filled data from previous existing row ( top most row in sheets) i have tried everything to fix this without any luck. The row is supposed to be blank when new user signs in with email.


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Have you filtered that screen by email is signed in user?

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OMG nevermind,

You were right my filter had got deleted somehow. Thank lol

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Lol, funny thing is, i was messing around trying to use one of your solution to stop duplicate username entry during sign-up and this broke hehe.

Can you please tell me how i can stop user from registering with username? Note: my user registration is not form based ( it used a button that increments by profile completed column by 1)

Can you elaborate more on the “stop user from registering with username” part?

so during user registration, user enter a preferred username, this needs to be checked against the current registered users and should tell the user pick another username

I think that should be a separate process, as in you have a tab exclusively for the username.

So for the onboarding tab, you store the “attempted username” into a field but only allows the user to advance, not by an increment button but a form button. The form writes the unique username to the new sheet and the relation back to the user profiles sheet will act as your “increment check”.