Onboarding - Check if user exist

Hi guys I have a onboarding feature built into my app, i need a way to check if username already exist, before users submits.

How does the process start? If it’s a button, just hide the button if user email isn’t empty.

If you’re doing onboarding for a public with email app then shouldn’t the email already recorded when the onboarding starts?

You are right, it’s only the user name that needs, checking.

Sorry, I don’t need for email, it’s just the username, while entering I need a way to check if username already exist.

I think your best bet is do it like this.

  • Have a column for “temporary username” input.

  • Create a relation from that temp column to another sheet, which you will store the true usernames.

  • If relation is not empty, don’t show a form button that allows them to submit usernames, and vice versa.

  • Use a relation & lookup to bring back the username.

So, the temporary username column is in the user sheets, where data is currently being entered?

I am not sure how I can create a relationship to another sheet, if there isn’t any data to relate to.

There will be data once your users start submitting their own usernames for onboarding.

Though if you want them to be able to edit that username later and still satisfies the no duplicates requirement then you can’t use the edit button for that. I imagine that must be another 2-step form.

Agreed. This is probably the only way to do this.

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