Multiple rows per user e-mail

Recently, I’ve found that my user sign-up tab is creating multiple rows for the same e-mail address. The first row is always blank and the second row has the profile information that the user filled out. The sign-up page is only accessible when the user is first signing up for the application and after filling out certain fields, they have access to their profile page. Because the first row in my Google sheets is the blank version of their profile, they can’t move on from the signup page.
This was working well not that long ago and I haven’t made any significant tweaks to this aspect so I’m not sure what’s going on.
Anyone with ideas of why this is happening and where I might have gone wrong?

Perhaps this is a related post? Have you searched the forum?


That’s probably what’s going on, thanks!

Would be great to have a workaround. Within the “landing” tab, I have two form buttons that they user can click based on why they want to use the application which was a nice little feature but if this is the case then I’ll have to change it up.

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Hope you get to work it out :slight_smile:

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Do you use a form for them to fill out the details, or you use tab visibility for an onboarding process?

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Actually, I’m pretty sure I figured out a work around, rather than using the “form” button, I set the button to be “link to screen”. This just edits the row rather than creating a new one.

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Well done… :+1:

Sorry, its in Spanish. Translation is available upon request!! :grinning:

Lol :joy:

Just for future users who read this thread, forms will always create a new row, so what you want for a profile sign-up process is to have tab visibility + increment button, not a form.


This question should probably go to a different thread, but I’ve created two buttons at the bottom of my “linked screen”. One of these buttons is grayed out and exists when the data in entry options aren’t filled out. The other is colored and is open when they’re all filled out --> once you click this button, it sends you back to your profile and increments.
What’s strange is that the grayed out button disappears when only 1 of the 6 visibility conditions are satisfied. This isn’t the case for the virtually identical (but opposite conditions) colored button. In both circumstances, I’m using “AND”.
Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?

Can you share screenshots of the visibility conditions for both buttons?

It should be.

Grayed button: A is empty OR B is empty,… , F is empty => No action

Colored button: A is not empty AND B is not empty… , F is not empty => Increment action

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That works, although I’m not sure I fully understand the logic of having to be OR since if x is full AND y is empty then the conditions still aren’t satisfied or what’s a better way of understanding this?

A is empty OR B is empty,… , F is empty

If any of them is empty then the grayed button appears.

A is not empty AND B is not empty… , F is not empty

If all of them are not empty then the colored button appears.

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With an ‘AND’, ALL conditions have to be met before the condition can be true.
With an ‘OR’, only ONE condition needs to be met before the condition can be true.