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I have a pro version of my app and I have noticed that some users are being duplicated but I don’t really know why.

After talking to some of them, they told me that the only thing that they have done is update their profiles…

In order for them to update their profiles, I enabled “allow users to edit” on their profile. The only thing they can’t change is their email (I have that as a “special value”)…

Any ideas? I appreciate your help.

Have you enabled User Profiles? That feature will automatically create a user profile row with the user’s email the first time they sign in. It should never write a second record for that user. At any point, are you allow the user fill their profile with either the Add function or a Form button, or is Edit the only option they have access too? Are you using any other methods to fill the user profile sheet with new rows other than glides built in functionality?

I enabled the “Edit” option for them to update their profile information. The only thing they can’t edit is their email. I’m using only Glide’s built in functionalities.

Do you see duplicated profiles in the Data Editor only, or they appear in the Sheets as well?

They are duplicated both on glide and in the Sheet as well.

What I just did was to have the email as the Row Owner and I think this should fix it.

The next problem I encountered was this: I wanted to display the author profile of the user generated content, so when you clicked on their name, you’ll see their profile and social networks links and you can also follow your favorite users… but since the info was coming from the User Sheet and now this has a Row Owner linked to it, this was not being displayed.

I managed a workaround by creating a new sheet and using the IMPORTRANGE formula to copy the info from the users sheet to this new sheet that is not user specific and this way I can display the author’s profile.

Glad you found a solution, but the user rows should not have been duplicated. I think if you face this problem again you should contact Glide’s support for help.


I encountered this problem again

Every time a user updates its profile through a form, glide creates a new column with their information…

You should let them edit with the pencil button, not via a form.

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Si lo hacen a través de un form no están editando, están creando otro usuario, por eso te aparecen duplicados alomejor. Como dice @ThinhDinh tiene que ser con el lápiz de arriba a la derecha

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Ok I deleted all the forms I had and left the pencil as the only way to update their profile…

It’s seems odd though that we can’t use the form button to update user’s profiles…

Anyway, thank you very much for your help!

¡Hola Pablo!

Así lo he hecho, así que espero no tener más problemas.

¡Muchas gracias por la ayuda!

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Forms will always write a new row, that’s its intended behaviour.

Un placer!

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Good to know, thank you!

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