Duplicate user records!

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed that Glide will sometimes create a new user record in the Users table (Google Sheets) even if there’s already a record with the same user name in the Users table.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior?

What I’m looking for is: if there are no records in the Users table with the email address of someone creating an account - create a new record; if there is already a record - DO NOT create a new record and use the existing record instead.


Just to be clear, Glide will not prevent duplicate user names, but it will prevent duplicate user email addresses - as long as User Profiles are properly configured. Can you please provide screen shots of:

  • Your User Profiles configuration
  • Your User Profiles table - from the Glide Data Editor - clearly showing the column headings
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Before I wrote the post, I manually deleted the duplicate user record!

So, sharing the user configuration and the column headings in the Users record. As soon as I spot another duplicate email, I’ll share in the reply.

Your Photo column is a Text type column. It should be an Image type.
I wouldn’t expect that to cause any problems, but it might. So you should fix that.

Thank you. Will change the photo column and see how it goes…