Duplicate entries

I have a situation that has been reported to me where a user can log in to create an account and onboard themselves using for instance daniel@…However, if that same user comes back later and enters Daniel@…it creates an entirely different user account. Please Help. I am using Glide Tables, but have one actual google sheet for creating PDFs using a script.

Hi Daniel,
In Glide, “daniel” and “Daniel” are different values, so they’ll log in as different users. You should ask your users to always log in with the same email, or sign in with google.

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Right, but is there no way to force lowercase emails as they are not case-sensitive? Because unfortunately people don’t always check to see if caps lock is enabled or not. On iPhones the first letter is caps by default most of the time.

So this is impossible then?

Probably yes for now. I don’t know of any way we could force that as a user.

I added a mention to this thread so we can mention it whenever Glide has their next live coding session.


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I imagine something on this page…
Perhaps a checkbox for “Force lowercase” :slight_smile:

You have some solutions in “experimental code”

hmm, but would any of those actually help in this case?
To prevent a duplicate User Profile Row from being created, you need to catch it before the row is added. And because User Profile rows are added by Glide as a result of the sign-in process, you can’t do that. ie. converting an email to all lower-case after the row has been added is too late - the horse has already bolted by then :wink:


It is not false

Uhmmm, maybe after that you can display an alert message and restart the registration or reassign the new user to the original duplicates.

The jocker always has a solution for his horse. :rofl: