Email addresses should be LOWERCASE when written to sheet

Hi @Mark and Glide team,

I’ve had two clients just this week experience relations breaking, etc. because they had users sign in with different capitalization than what was entered in the sheet by an admin. Is there any way you can force the email address that gets written to the sheet to be lowercase? This would allow us to at least control the controllable and prevent broken relations.



I’ll look into that.


When do you see emails get written to the sheet like that? Both in the “App: Logins” sheet as well in the User Profile sheet Glide writes emails in lowercase.

Also, I need more validation into that. Email entry also fetches blank spaces as well. Some times script apis can’t accept it.

Also phone entry should have more validation. For international users I’m personally using method to join prefix codes and plain contact no. I’ve a different sheet for prefix code, when user select country it automatically fetch prefix and CONCAT two values.

This should be automated.

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The issue I have is with an email whitelist app. There is a client app and an admin app. Clients are entered using the Admin app, obviously including their email address. It is possible for the Admin to enter capitals and leading / trailing spaces. This causes Glide to not match at the point of the client’s first login to the Client app. My workaround is to have an “EmailEntered” column to capture what has been entered by the Admin and then an ARRAYFORMULA to TRIM and LOWER this value into the actual Email column. Bit messy but works. I think Glide should always lowercase and trim emails in an email field by default (maybe even check validity of format if possible).

@V88 You’re saying you have an allowed emails list with mixed casing, and those emails are not allowed to sign in if the case doesn’t match when they enter their email in the sign-in screen? I cannot reproduce this. Could you please share the app with me where that is the case, and tell me an email address where that problem occurs?

Hi @Mark. Sorry for the delay. I have been out with another Glide prospect!

Unfortunately I can’t test this again at the moment as I have no spare Pro licences. They are all allocated to customers so I cannot create a test app with email whitelist. However I can drop an email input on a form and submit. That certainly does not lowercase the email. It leaves it as with any uppercase in place.

This issue I was having related to login but also to matching when used in a relation. It seems that the match is case-sensitive and so would fail if the email in one sheet did not match the case of the email in its relation sheet.

For most relations this is not an issue as I always use a RowId (so that I can modify any other column content without breaking the link) but with users we are forced to use the email.

Does this help?

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