Capitalization in email results in not matching for relationship

Relation not working due to capitalization issues.

If a user enters their email address with capitalization (, then Glide does NOT match it when doing a lookup for establishing a relationship.

For example, Rel_to_user>Relate to items where the value in User Email matches the value in profiles>email.

Glide pulls in the user email as which does NOT match and therefore does not establish the user relationship that is necessary. Is there a fix?

OR, is this happening because I’m using sample data that was not user entered, but admin entered right into the datasheet? Does Glide automatically strip the capitalization from a user email when the user “account” is first created?


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If your using a google sheet (as opposed to a glide table) these solutions may help you.

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Based on some posts in the community I don’t think this is the case.

I find the best way to solve this is to not use email addresses for creating relations, and instead use UserID/RowID. So every time you have the urge to use the “current users email address”, instead use Current User → RowID/UserID.

And the nice thing about this approach is that if you ever need to change a users email address, it only needs to be changed in one place :wink:


smart approach… just add previous screen row ID when adding rows… not just email… and relate it to row id… for filters… it will take extra move of the mouse to go not if user is sign in user… to … if user row ID is row ID
you can solve the capitalizing problem using Yes Code columns with Excel formulas… the only problem with YC, it is not yet approved for copyable templates… but if you need an app for yourself or a team to use … then there is no problem

You can still use “signed in user is not User->Email”, also finding any column in the User Profile is trivial these days with the new search feature - no mouse required :wink:

Not in this case. The problem is because yes-code is a computed column it can’t be used as the User Profile email address column. Also, because the row is added the first time the user signs in it’s too late by then.

it can be use to relate search… and it will show if you just single value it

Using different combinations of capitals when specifying e-mail leads to a lack of communication with one user

When I select the special field for entering email, I expect the system to check the correctness of the format of the entered data and bring the record into a single format, in which all capital letters will become lowercase.

Without such a check, I cannot be sure that the email field of two different tables will be matched correctly.

This qualifies as a serious bug. You should work on it as soon as possible.

Capital letters are valid in emails. The email entry allowing them does not qualify as a “serious bug.”

We could do case-insensitive relations someday… you should also be able to lowercase text to normalize it yourself, although we need to add that.


Unfortunately, I can’t force clients to put their email strictly in lowercase letters.

Using uppercase letters in the email may indeed be the case when that email needs to be displayed in the application in a more readable way. But in this case, the relationship between these records should work.In our case, this correlation does not work, and that is a serious bug. Here is what I wanted to say.


I am actively applying this approach. But there are situations where this is not possible. For example, when a user needs to specify another user’s email address to create a reciprocal connection (invitation).

Okay. Of course I know nothing about your app or your specific use case, but I can say that I have what sounds like a similar use case in one of my apps (users send invitations to other users). In my case, I never present or ask for email addresses - just names. Users select a name from a list, and everything else is handled under the hood.


A couple of other suggestions:

  • A template column with replacements for each upper to lower case letter.
  • An Experimental Code column that uses a LOWER excel formula Excel Formula Column