More Issues With Email Case Sensitivity

I’m not 100% sure if this qualifies as a bug. Apologies if not.

My solution for a specific customer comprises a Client app and an Admin app talking to the same Google Sheet.

The Client app uses email whitelist authentication in order to ensure that only certain clients can use it. My Admin app allows the customer to add clients including their email address. In this way the customer retains control of who can use the app and (most importantly) doesn’t need access to the Google Sheet.

It turns out that my customer has added some clients with mixed case for their email. This is matching fine when they try to login so no issue there. However, it screws up any relationships within the app that use currently authenticated user. This seems like a bug to me since email should never be matched using case sensitivity, whereas in this scenario it most definitely is.

To make matters worse, there doesn’t appear to be any mechanism whereby I can ensure that my customer only uses lowercase or even to convert their input automatically to lowercase.

I propose that the case insensitivity should be removed for “authenticated user email” relationship matching or perhaps email input fields should automatically force to lowercase?

Hopefully I’ver explained this clearly and thanks for any assistance that can be offered.

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While that is waiting to be fixed, try an arrayformula with LOWER if that works for you in the process of converting it to the right format.

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Are you able to briefly outline the steps required please (I do understand what an array formula is)

Thanks in advance

Admittedly I have never had a whitelisted app before, but if the “whitelist” column can be designated as a column in your sheet, make it a column next to the “input email” column. Use a formula like this:


To get all the emails to the right lowercase format for whitelisting.

Sorry if I get the process wrong, just try to propose a way to bypass the case sensitivity problem. It should not behave the way it is, agree with you on that.

Understood. Will try that and report back. Tks.

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Yup. It works. Thanks.

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