Convert case (lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence. Case & Proper Case)

Notion link:

Direct Replit link to fork:

Notion library with codes constantly updated:

At the moment the types supported are lowercase, uppercase, sentencecase & propercase. I do some trimming and lowercasing in the type input so lower case, LOWer case etc. will also work.


For information, delete line 3 (console.log …) in the Driver file.
It is not useful, except in case of debugging by Mark and it creates traffic for nothing


Thanks bro! Will keep that in mind, just deleted it.

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Well done— this will be handy.

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console.log lines do not create any ‘traffic’—please do not worry about those.


Ah yes, it’s just when we do an inspection, it completely blocks (I cracked after 35768 log line !!)


This has been hugely handy! Thank you @ThinhDinh as always!

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More to come my friend :wink:


Hello @ThinhDinh . I was using this code to convert case and it was working fine. Now, my app is returning this error in the column: “Error: Loading the manifest “glide.json” failed. Is the URL correct, and the hosting set up correctly?”. Did something change?
I am not expert, so I don´t know how to pass mor information about the error. I Just saw this error in my app and when I edited the column I saw the message above. Thank you if you can help.

I think @ThinhDinh moved all his code columns to Github, so that may explain why the Replit link no longer works.

However, this particular one is a bit redundant, as we now have a bunch of Plugins that will do the same thing. You’re probably better off using those (check the Text Plugins section).

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy .

I was not aware of this option of Plugins. It´s great and easier.
I implemented at my app, succesfully.

Agree with Darren here, we have a bunch of native things in Glide now so I just opt to use it when it’s available.

Let us know if you need any further help!

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Thank you @ThinhDinh for let us using your code for that time. Now I am aware and using the Glide native things.