Case insensitive comparison in Glide Tables

Hi, I am creating an app for a jumbled word game, where a jumbled word is shown and user has to guess the correct word and type it in.

I then compare the typed entry with the correct word, Both the typed entry and the correct word are stored in Glide tables.

When I use the If-Then-else to compare the entry with the correct word, it shows incorrect, if both are not of the same case. For example, Cat compared with cat gives False as the answer. How can I have the comparison done irrespective of the case?

I found a solution using =lower(), but that can be done only on Google Sheet. What if I am using only data in Glide tables?

Solved by using =UPPER(), =LOWER() and =PROPER() to get columns for each case, and then used lookup to put it into Glide table from each column, and then did the comparison with each case word.

What happens if your user decides to use cAMeL cASe? :wink:

This is yet another example of where having string manipulation methods inside the GDE would make life so much easier.

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True, Functions within GDE would help.