Collections Filtering not filtering based on email is signed in user

I am filtering a collection and each row has each user’s respective email in one column (I am writing to this sheet using a form submit). In the old version of glide one could put: Filter [email-is signed in user] to get the desired result. I am struggling to replicate that in the new version. Has the process of filtering changed in the new version. I read the docs but it does not appear to have changed.

It should be the same or similar. What are you struggling with? Would you have screenshots?

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When I have it set to @email is signed-in user, it is shows me my Admin account’s items from the collection list when I select to view from the Admin account but, when I switch to “View as” one of the user’s, their items are not showing even though details in the data sheet appear correct: Each row item has its respective user email associated with the correct user.

Ok, it was glitch in the Glide Matrix. I ran a test by logging into one of the user’s account to see if the items were showing up there given my hunch that my local editing session was somehow not behaving properly to let me actually view things as one of the user’s and not the Admin as it was appearing to do. Upon logging in, I saw indeed the items showed up there. Went back into the editor and now they appear. Weird, but resolved.

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