Row Owners and Relations

I created two relation columns (to the same table X) within table Y. The table I was relating to (table X) had row owners set and I could see (not greyed out in the builder) 3 items of type A and 3 items of type B out of a total of 11 items.

However, the relation columns in table Y show 4 items of type A and 7 items of type B - basically the entire table.

I would have expected that row owners would have limited what I had ‘physical’ access to which means I would access to/view 6 total items (3 A / 3 B) not all 11 items (4 A / 7 B) in the relations.

Is this how Row Owners should work?

When I display an inline list of Table X - it only displays 6 items so row owners is working fine. But when I create a relation to Table X from Table Y, I see all the rows in Table X (row owners NOT working fine).

Not sure if this is a BUG or I don’t understand the expected behavior.


It’s always been like that. The problem is that the data editor still displays all data, but only greys it out if it’s unowned. Since the data is still visibly there, it acts upon that data even though it’s unowned. In the real world, and when viewing the app interface, it will always respect row owners because the unowned data isn’t downloaded in the first place.

I know it’s weird, and I wish that the data editor would respect row owners properly, but it’s never caused issues within the app itself.