Relation including rows not owned

Hi, I have two tables – both with row owners active. In the first table, I own all the rows, but in the second table, I might only own 3 of 30 rows (just an example).

Own 3 rows in second table

When I create a relation from table one to table two, I expect it to only find relations for rows I actually own (and therefore should have access to), but it is finding relations for rows that I am not the owner of.

In first table, finding way too many relations!

This is problematic. This is in the app builder.

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It won’t affect anything. The data editor doesn’t exactly respect row owners because all data is viewable. The design side of the builder and the published app itself will work as expected and respect row owners. I wouldn’t worry about it. The app will work just fine.


Extensive testing bears this out. Thank you.

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