Cant see data in Layout and app

right now I can’t see the data in the layout and in the application. The application was working fine, before this problem nothing was changed in the application (settings, columns, etc.)
I am also sending pictures so that someone can help me.
Thank you all

Do you have row owners there? maybe you changed view as option

hello, tank for reply.
I dont have row owners.

Also when i wona to add some new project i don,t see any components too.

it looks like you have row owners somewhere … try to change the view to other users… reload the App…

In the live view, do you also have the same problem?

I try change the view to other users,i also make row owner to see if something work.

Here some pics from live view

I also check filter

try to report this to Glide team

I just created a new app to test the bug.
I use the same database from Google Drive, but again the data is not transferred to the application.
I am also sending pictures

This is what the app used to look like:

Data is from Google Drive??? you did not mention that before

Are you using API to get it? or is it from connected Google Sheets?

I also tried the excel file on my computer,
I thought that some connection between glide and google drive is not good and that’s why there is a problem. But after testing with an excel database directly from the computer, I saw that the problem is the same.

is from Google Sheets.

Maybe you changed sharing for that sheet? hmm… i really don’t know…
was your App on a different plan before?

I now try basic new app with glide Tables and same problem.Is my acc problem?

I have allowed all privileges and sharing.
Thank you very much for your time on my problem :smiley:

I just want to let you know that I encountered a problem. The problem is in the browser itself. Chrome for some reason cannot read and display the database, while on another browser (Edge) everything works as it should.
In addition to Google Chrome, Safari also does not work (I have not tested other browsers)

It should work. Check if you have any Chrome extensions installed that might be interfering.

Thank you very much, I had too many unnecessary extensions, after deleting some everything is great. One of the extensions that caused a problem is ChatGPT.

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