Menu in Desktop/Tablet mode showing with no Tabs and hidden About & Data not computing

My app’s URL:

@mark is this have to work this way? Because it’s not interesting speaking of UX

Mobile working

Desktop/Tablet view showing Menu, repeating the only tab “Buscador” the user is still there


I’m trying not to use workarounds to take it off (even knowing how), once this is a Pro plan and Desktop/table mode bug.

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We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!


@mark any roadmap?

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Can someone help me???

I’m also having trouble on the phone… it breaks and don’t load

@Jason @Mark In my app I have only +9k rows… why does this error occurring??

It seem that your app is taxing Glide’s computation model. We’ll be rolling out improvements soon, which will hopefully fix this.

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Ok, thank you!

That’s just weird because the number of the rows

Good morning, @mark @Jason!

This is an urgent issue and my client is supposing to cancel the project on the glide if it still doesn’t load the page on the phone. Can I count on a priority in this case?

Sorry, we can’t prioritize this at the moment.

@Lucas_Pires I hope everything worked out. Losing a customer is a pain…

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@Pablo_books I had to decrease the amount of information in my sheet to work well by now

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