Tablet mode is live!

I’ve seen on my app a surprise today :heart_eyes:
Option in Settings > General menu.

Nicely done!
Does the Glide team sleeps sometimes?


Pro feature? Wasn’t expecting that…


It’s kinda cool.

Hmm. No to impressed about how the images are shown - some are cut off.
Furter, depending on how you navigate to a screen the screen looks different. Link to screen shows different layout than navigation to the screen through a tab.

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My tiles don’t slide sideways on the desktop version.

Agree, disappointing

Mine as well and since I activate this option not working in Mobile view anymore on desktop even after unchecked this option to go back to original mode.
I opened a bug and will love it if you support it so glide team will take care asap

And so scroll bar for the desktop version…

I saw this 10 minutes ago. Apps look great on an iPad and love the side by side view of item list and details.

Bug found: Choice components in forms seem to display under the form overlay – so not usable.

Another one : the map view does not behave as using the smartphone mode : if you click on a pin, you directly go to the list item, no more overview at the bottom of the map. This overview is usefull when you don’t know what you’re looking for, using the desktop/tablet view you have to go back to the map to select another pin.

What would be great is to have the “show full-screen” button for free apps, and directly the tablet/desktop mode for the pro apps. The end user experience would be better for pro apps. The show full screen button makes them a little bit cheap, in my own opinion.

Once somebody enters any tab from the hamburger menu, there’s no way to go back to the home screen.

This is quite underwhelming, I was expecting more items to be displayed instead of just a blown up version of what I have. I was able to do this in desktop mode using firefox months ago…

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You’re right. If you have a multi tab apps, you can go back to the home screen by clicking on the home tab icon.

Nice addition ! of course it needs some adjustements, but i’m sure Glide’s ppl will add more features step by step :slight_smile:

Could you post a screenshot, please?

Could you post a screenshot?

Screenshot doesn’t really show anything, other than the background getting darker as another overlay is called to open. When I click “Cancel” in the form (after clicking the “Easy to Use” choice component), this is what I see:

@kyleheney Sorry, I can’t reproduce this. Could you please share your app and tell me where that form is?