Show Fullscreen option

This option, shown while a glide app is displayed on desktop, now cannot be disabled in any plan. Do I understand this correctly? The best way to utilize would be allowing it to direct to a glide page version of the app created under the team plan.

yes, transfer your app to a team, then you will have option to automatically open in full screen

Thanks. But I want to disable this option at all. I remember there used to be an enable/disable feature in classic Pro plan. After switching to team plan (starter), I no long see this feature. The only option is open the app in desktop mode by default.

may i know why you want to disable the show full-screen option? maybe I can help you to go around it…

so you don’t wanna see “show full screen” button and it always should open with mobile simulation?

like that???

Because what was created in glideapp doesn’t look good on desktop. I’m creating a glidepage version, and thinking about adding an option inside the app for users to open the page version on desktop. But the Show Fullscreen option interferes with this process.

have you ever seen Code BOOK? You can make Glide App, much better looking than Glide Page lol.

these are all free plan Glide Apps… you will never make Pages look good like that :wink:

I totally agree App is better than Page in their current forms. But that won’t solve the problem for the 20%~30% of users who only open the glideapp on desktop :grinning:

Ok. Simply put, how do you solve the problem that Apps don’t look good in desktop view?

did you see the pictures I show above? Do any of them not look good to you?

It’s probably worth revisiting Pages in desktop / mobile again, assuming you haven’t done so recently. There have been significant changes in the last month or so and both options are now looking very good. We have excellent feedback from customers and you probably will do to, assuming they are business-oriented and not “hobbyists” who want everything in a different colour and a different font.

Yeah I realize Pages is the way to go with Glide going forward. My original question was why the Show Fullscreen option has to be there so as to potentially expose the clumsy desktop mode of Apps. Could it be a subtle way to remind people of the limits of Apps when starting new projects? :slightly_smiling_face:

Apps have much better desktop mode than pages, you can really utilize full screen.

Your Apps in desktop mode all look good. Are you using two different groups of CSS for mobile and desktop?

yes, I detect the screen size, and auto-adjust CSS… so my apps always are nicely spread on the screen, you can’t do that on pages… if someone has a wide desktop monitor… almost 30% of the screen will be empty in Pages… I don’t get Glide’s strategy for that.

this is what Glide Page looks like on my screen… embarrassing!

and this is what Glide App looks like:

you can see why I’m so in Love with Apps! LOL

That’s a fair point for sure

I wonder if you have taken the time to explore and use the latest Pages updates? To my eyes (and most importantly to my customers’ eyes) the Pages desktop interface is vastly superior. Perhaps you should explore further or maybe your client base is different to mine?

Are you asking me to explore Glide??? :rofl:

Merely a suggestion to make your desktop apps look better?

No, you can’t do with Pages, what I do in Apps… prove me wrong… utilize the whole screen… no empty space on widescreen… can you?

I would be the number one Pages promoter if I can offer my customers a real full screen… most of my customers are Business owners, and they wanna see a lot of data on the screen without scrolling, so they can analyze it faster.

My point does not relate to that. It relates to the fact that, generally, Pages is great on desktop. I think you were suggesting it wasn’t and I therefore wondered what might be wrong with your efforts.