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I suspect this is a feature request, but I’d love to be able to access apps full screen from chrome book. (or chrome web browser)


I’m not necessarily disagreeing with this but what would you expect it to look like? Meaning when a webpage is designed to be both desktop and mobile, if designed correctly there is a lot of CSS work to do to have different layouts depending on screen dimensions. In most cases you basically start out designing in desktop mode and then figure out where you want the components/elements to end up with the screen starts to squash for a more vertical smaller device. So given the current layout standards of a Glide app, where you only have one piece of data per row, how would it scale? Would it just get a larger font and very wide buttons or boxes of data? If not, what would determine which elements would be able to share a row? If the developer is to decide that within the builder the added complexity may be a bit overwhelming. Sorry for the ramble but if you think about it from a more detailed perspective there are a lot of design decisions that either have to be assumed or the developer needs to control. If you want to stay with the no code, and standard look and feel approach this could be challenging to say the least.

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I also struggle to think how it would look. My only desire is to be able to embed my app on an existing site and possibly remove the “phone frame” so that I can make it look like an integrated piece of the larger site. I can then do CSS on my webpage to create the desired look and feel.

I’d be happy with the tablet view in a chrome book.

I’m not sure how this would make it better… can’t you already use the application in the chrome browser it’s just mobile size? Or are you thinking for it to be a cross compatible web app?

Its more I need a browser based version as well… and I like the glide low-code approach… its not a deal breaker as I would likely just edit the sheets on the laptop for the items I am working on.

having a larger view eg; ipad/tablet has been a request from a client, I’m currently developing two apps, one that will be used by the general user and the other by management.

Managers will be expected to create the content that will be seen by the general users eg; events, class schedules, pricing packages, check-ins etc… that require a bit of typing and hence they have asked if that can be done via a desktop for ease of use.

so having a tablet view would be ideal.


Topic closed, desktop layout in production.