Mobile screen emulation ondesktop?

In Glide new version on desktop there is only pages view, no more mobile screen emulation view as it was before. Is there any possibility to activate alternatively mobile screen emulation on desktop, as it was before and as it is in app editinig mode?

The new Glide Apps are adaptive responsive. So all you need to do is reduce the width of your browser window and it will automatically switch to the mobile layout.

I am 72 years old. I have seen hundereds of silly things designed by programmers, but this one is paramount! I would look foreward to contact in person the guy or girls whose idea was that!? Bzt the way, if the window is not shrinked enough, there is no entry to the main menue!?
If by hazard this “feature” is even documented in Glide, tell me how on earth would I instruct my endusers to get nice classic emulated view of app on desktop, with simple button to switch on page view!?
Answer from Glide would be legendary: “This is the feature not a bug!” or “Works as designed!”. :frowning:

Actually I misspoke there and got my terminology mixed up. Glide Apps are not adaptive, they are responsive.

This is not something that was invented by Glide, it’s pretty much a standard in web design.

I fully accept that such kind of responsiveness is welcome and user friendly. I would call that “Automatic Context Adaptivity”. But in this case this is confusing, because also some features are not available at all, e.g. main menue! Further shortcoming is that the users can’t imagine that the view will change if they shrink the window! Third thing is that classic app displayed really the mobile screen as it is on mobile (e.g. rounded corners frame). So this was very suitable for making screenshots for help screens, this vanished now. I got really angry feedback from my users who were used to have optional mobile or page view. If I would additionally instruct them for this resposiveness, they will be even more angry!
Maybe it is the standard now, but it is similarly wrong as the standard for “soft text colours”, i.e. grey on grey. Sorry, but it is really annoying!

It’s not the best solutions but if you want see alternatively mobile screen on desktop, you can try open your glideapp in chorme browser and activate Developer Tools. In this screen, you can activate the responsive view.

And then, in Dimensions, you can choose alternative mobile screen. In my case, I choose Nexus 6P and I activated Device Frame.

I sincerely hope this helps you.

Of course in edit mode I have mobile view. This solves the problem of help screens capture, but not general problem with the endusers who are confused when starting the app on desktop. Previous approach of having initially mobile screen emulation on desktop, with te option of fulls screen was perfect. Even such specific view was possible to be sent through URL with “full=t”. “Responsive” window is nice gimmick, programmers are proud to implement such visual context sensitivity, but they should be supervised by designers who take care about endusers. I am working using Design Thinking, where the very first principle is "Empathy with the customer! Replacing classic desktop view with nonoptional “responsiveness” neglecs this principle! :slight_smile:

this website is so annoying now.
got rid of more that 50% of the features i needed when moving away from classic apps and the support forms are full of people just trying to get back to where they started, with the support team acting completely ignorant to what they customers are asking for every time.