New Desktop/Tablet view

please make desktop/tablet view deferent… is so hard to see what is on screen, everything is way toooo BIG!
I photoshop an idea how to arrange the view:

current view sucks!!! I’m really tired of it… most of my customers work on laptops, and this is what they see!

screen have to be divided by 3 all the time so the center screen can show more details.

and make pictures much smaller with details on the side, not bottom, and option to put 2 or 3 text columns side by side,

thank you.

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I hear you. Do you have an example of an existing web app that you think looks good?

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Glide looks good, just split desktop view in 3(1 for user menu,1 for tabs and options, and one for main screen) make pictures smaller, add option to arrange components in 2 or even 3 columns…
and thats it! Perfect. :wink:

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@david Below are some web app concepts that I thought looked really good.

Aside from the pictures, here are some things that I think make a good web app:

  • Menu Tabs can be anchored to the sides. Not just the bottom.

  • Hopefully we can have different layout options with layout sections. Like the image below but not as restrictive.

Nice Web App Designs:

Layout Options


thats exactly what im talking about!
the 5th one, love it!
any of them is better what it is now here, is just impossible to use it on desktop :frowning:


None of these is a real app. These are mock-ups. They are a little useful, but a real app would be more useful.

but you already have option to split in 2, just make this permanent for now and move tabs from bottom to the side, make pictures 2 times smaller!!! and place text on the side of the picture.
adding second column in main screen should not be a problem either… even on mobile view
that will do it for now…

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These are not real apps “yet” @david. But maybe with the help of the Glide team, we will soon be able to build tablet/desktop web apps like these. :crossed_fingers:

For now, they are here for inspiration.

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These designs he listed I think may not be a web app exactly but the idea is right. Allow for your buttons to read like a menu on the left side of the screen. Multiple charts or images side by side as well as content side by side. Inline lists side by side, instead of having 1 column for everything allow for 3 to 4 columns and whichever item in the column is the largest determines the column size. I think 3 columns with 1 being the menu or button list and the other 2 detailing whats on that page is perfect . If you would like I can make an exact mockup of what I’m talking about if ti is something you guys are actually willing to consider.


this is what you can do just by simply rescaling what you already have:

this is how it looks like on desktop and mobile now:

and this is how you can rescale and arrange:

big deferent !
200% more space for main screen plus much better look!!!

ps: when you have relation list to that screen, tabs can jump to the top and list will appear on the right window or replace user tabs on the left.
the biggest trick is to have pictures smaller with titles, tags, description… on the side, that would do the magic

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Here’s an idea of simply adding that 3rd column I mentioned.

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How about Instagram David? The tab icons are small on the top. All the data on each tab is smaller fit for a computer screen. There is also an actual sidebar.

I am sure you guys have seen and checked out

The only thing I like about Stacker more than Glide is their desktop view.


Here’s an image inside Twitter that would be nice as desktop screen.

Power Bi also has a great way of setting up a dashboard for tablet/full screen view.

Take care guys, I’m using Bubble for my product. The UI is perfect on mobile and on desktop if and only if you make the necessary to make it responsive and perfect pixel’ized.
The Glide UI for desktop can’t be use for a pro app but in any case, even if it’s better in few times, you will have to invest time in your UI as this UI is yours. It’s not up to Glide to rearrange your screens, depending on mobile or desktop. So get ready to use CSS :slight_smile:


Can we create our own view with css for desktop?

There is also Adalo, They are $50 a month for Unlimited apps they do both views and publish to IOS and Android.

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I have 3 apps on Adalo and 2 Pro on Glide. Adalo is nice but doesn’t work with sheets, same as Bubble.Io. I used them for a while but Adalo is more affordable and much quicker to production. Also Appgyver is 100% free unless you make over $10 Million in revenue and they allow you to publish to app stores at no cost either.

I have been looking into them but I have not attempted to build with them yet.

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Appreciate the Stacker share @Manan_Mehta! I was trying to use Glide to build a no-code dashboard for clients but it was just a no-go

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