Why "desktop" layout is really a "tablet" layout

I just purchased the Pro plan
Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 10.38.42 AM

Whipped up my app in 1.5 days - yeah!! how awesome that was and exciting to just go all in on Glyde.

Then I go to desktop mode and it basically shows a tablet view :sob:

I am doing something wrong? It’s a bit misleading in the pricing page about what you are getting. My main display is really Desktop and mobile/tablet are “bonuses” for my audience - but it seems like I am getting just mobile/tablet (no desktop)

Have you enabled tablet/desktop mode?

Yes @Jeff_Hager sure did - tried every combination of the two checkbox setting. What has me worried is that tablet/desktop is always mentioned kinda as “the same thing”. Most of my views are “Details” view where I can build the layout I want, I am not using the “basic” list view much.

The two column list and detail view only works when the tab is using one of the list style layouts. There are differences between phone/tablet/desktop views but they are subtle and mostly just minor formatting differences so it looks better depending on the screen resolution. I’m sure some day we’ll get more customization, but for now it’s limited.

yes, you must have a 1 list only (tiles, cards or list) in the first screen of the tab, and action can only be a view details… than your tablet/desktop view will split to left and right panel.


Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 2.45.59 PM