Tablet view

i know i keep bringing this up over and over…
It is really a time to fix tablet view
i think my solution is easy and fast!
in tablet view:

  1. split screen in 3 vertical windows:
  • window 1: first screen from active TAB *** 35% width
  • window 2: active action coming from original screen of this TAB (if no action related, show preset message, image or screen) *** 40% width
  • window 3: TAB bar… move from bottom to the right window… this will make extend screen vertically and fill up horizontally whole screen) *** 25% width
  1. reduce fonts, images, buttons… by 30% (in tablet view)
  2. add option to make titles, description, caption on the side of the image in list view
  3. introduce new option for components - “hide/show in tablet or mobile view”

thats all! I think is not hard to do and it will improve a lot!

Ps: most of these improvements we can do now using CSS… so why not make it native?

StructureArt Digital

link sample


Yes, it should be easy.

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let’s help Glide to make Glide the best!

Why when installing app on computer Tablet view is not shown?

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I disconnected that app from PRO.
You can see new tablet view in this App:

new link

StructureArt tablet view

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Can you show me how to have that Tablet mode,i’m pro but still not able to have it , thanks.

you need to settings - tablet & desktop, and check these 2 boxes.

@Manu_Marea did you found it?

if i do i have only a giant enormous mega phone view… so i check’d only the first one if i remember

, its a boxed view but in terms of marketing its better,
thanks @Uzo

check both of them and see if it changes ?

no it doesn’t, i think if you use details inline list stays like this , its a sin but i can live with it while the do

and this is how Glide should do the Tablet view!
good job!

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I don’t understand…by the way a double side even on inline list would be pretty but with with inline details you can use the rich text editor so its up to you