What am I missing? Is this desktop view?

I’m new to this, so forgive me for the ignorant question, but I upgraded to Pro so I could see the tablet / desktop view of the app I’m working on and is this it??? Is desktop just a larger version of the mobile view, or am I doing something wrong?

Hmmmmm. In my case I have a list view on the left and on the right the detail view. 30/70 I would guess.

I guess you have a detail view here.


Yes, thats it.

Thanks for the reply.

I think they are missing a HUGE opportunity. To be able to market with one development effort you could create a mobile/tablet/desktop app optimized for each device.

So many possibilities. Maybe they are building it now?


Yes, its been in development for months. Hopefully we will see some progress soon. Fingers crossed.

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you can play with settings and CSS to make it look better on full screen

check it out by clicking this link:

This is a very early version. We have a lot of improvements planned.


@david Hi… when we can have undo button in actions and table editor? it cost me weeks set backs … specially when working many hours … tired or drunk… ;-(


Don’t drink and glide :joy: Lesson learnd.


@david When will some of the planned improvements begin to be released?

I have noted this as well. I think the way Instagram has its desktop view setup would be closer to something that would work better for users.