Looking to make my Glide App Desktop Friendly


I just built a Glide app with a template and when I went to test on the desktop screen it only covers about 10% of the screen where as the the 2nd tab actually adapts to desktop but the list of rows on the first tab of the app do not adapt.

Do glide app built from an app template adapt to desktop or will I have to build from a Pages template since I expect most of my users to be on Desktop?


Do you have a screenshot? If it’s what I think you are explaining, List style tab layouts will adopt a 2 column view. The left column is the list, the right column is the details for the selected list item. However, a tab with a Details style layout will adopt a single column view, so it will cover the whole screen. If I were to guess…your first time tab is a list style view, and your second tab is a detail style view. This is normal behavior for an App with that’s being viewed as a fullscreen desktop view.

I would suggest changing your first tab to a details style layout with an inline list. Then it will cover the whole screen.

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