How do I get this desktop view?

How do I get this desktop view?

I only get this view:

I would say that if your app tab is made with a list layout, you got the large desktop view with the 2 panels list items / item details. And if your tab is made with the detail layout, you got the centered view.

Just an assumption based on your screenshots.

Ah ok! I hoped clicking on an item in a list would open the detail page in the right hand column.

It’s not what happens?

Oh no OK, understood. It’s not what happened in the second screenshot, ok

Right, my desktop view is more a wide mobile view. If I click on an item in the list I get the next page that is the same as on mobile only bigger.

Your top-level screen must be a list screen (non-details) for the master-detail layout to show for now.

ah i see, good to know! unfortunately i alway start a page with a logo / an image and then a list, but maybe in the future!

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Hi @david s this going to happened for the map view?

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